The Trial Projects

University of the Arts

This trial project explored how web 2.0 social networking tools can be used to build a community of practice that links the academic world with the professional one in a multifaceted exchange, enabling students to gain insights into the world of professional practice and industry, but also for industry to gain the critical perspectives on practice that an academic environment can provide.

Birmingham Metropolitan College

The Response Project demonstrated the use of online tools to support collaboration between NHS employers, Further Education Colleges and Higher Education Institutions. This trial project facilitated the recruitment and retention of qualified local people into a changing health economy workforce through knowledge exchange and transfer.

University of Glamorgan

This trial project created a ‘listening zone’ for feedback, ideas and partner-making, and acted as a marketplace for business referrals and contacts. The ‘G-Blog’ forum, created by the University of Glamorgan and trialled by a number of SMEs recruited from the local Business Club and the University business incubator (GTi), facilitated access and interaction.

University of Huddersfield

The trial project investigated the benefits of using collaborative tools to facilitate more effective communication and networking across the West Yorkshire Lifelong Learning Network (WYLLN). It was envisaged that by using collaborative tools in this way it would greatly reduce the amount of time spent in travelling to meetings, create improved ways of working together on documents and make it easier for staff in diverse locations to work together.

Knowledge House

KHIS is a web-based collaborative project tool used by Knowledge House and the five North East Universities to manage Third Strand revenue generating projects. The trial project aimed to assess the potential of KHIS as an Open Source Platform for use by a broader range of organisations, including Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs).

University of Leeds

The trial project sought to increase the external social capital of the partner knowledge/technology transfer offices and to increase the internal social capital of academic researchers within partner universities. Through this, the trial project prove the effectiveness of a much more ‘open innovation’ approach to knowledge transfer – exploiting an ‘Innovation Division of Labour.’

New College Swindon

This trial project supported the monitoring and collaboration between relevant participants by using Web 2.0 tools and information extracted from a CRM. Collaboration between businesses was facilitated using online conferencing tools, discussion forums and other technologies. Information will be presented through online project management environment which will include blogs and wikis.


Northumbria University

The aim of the ‘Open ICT tools’ trial project was to enhance understanding of the use of ICT tools to facilitate global collaborative learning with external business and community partners. Using the Global Studio as a research site, the trial project examined the utility of various IC technologies for enabling secured collaboration with community and industry partners.

Example paper

Bohemia, E. (2010, 1-2 November). Web 2.0 and international collaborative learning. Paper presented at the 3rd EARLI S-ICT Conference Student Mobility and ICT 2010: World in Transition, The Hague, The Netherlands.