Case Studies

JISC’s aim for the e-portfolio activity area is to explore and develop effective practice in the use of e-portfolio systems and tools through the co-development of standards and piloting of e-portfolio-related technologies and standards.

To date, a significant number of projects have been funded across a number of programmes to investigate a range of different purposes and applications. You can download a full listing of projects past and present (MS Excel) which includes hyperlinks to case studies or project websites, tags relating to their primary purpose, details of technologies and tools used, and their parent programme.

A number of completed projects are represented here in templated case study format. As well as browsing by project, you can access the case studies by section (e.g. Success factors). We have also tagged the case studies with particular themes they illustrate and you can search these using the navigation list on the right-hand side of the page. Each case study also includes a resources area which includes reports, presentations and links to additional material for each project.