Measuring Impact of Records Management

One of the stated objectives within the¬†‘Creating a common framework for measuring the impact of records management’¬†project is to ‘clearly articulate why there is a problem with the amount of currently available evidence to confirm the economic benefit to institutions of implementing records management processes’.

The main themes from the review are covered over the following pages

  • What are the benefits of records management?
  • Should we measure the benefits of records management to the organisation?
  • Is it prudent to ignore the tangible benefits of records management?
  • Is there currently a commonly accepted methodology for measuring the efficiency of RM programmes?
  • How much evidence currently exists within the RM literature relating to the area of benefits measurement?
  • Should we cost the RM function?
  • Is there value in aligning benefits with agreed strategic goals?


Published: 26 August 2009 | Last updated: 5 November 2012